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  • The ground source collector system is filled with glycol based fluid to exchange heat energy between the earth and the heat pump evaporator. The specific operation of geothermal systems enables ground heat sources to perform at temperatures below 0oC. This requires using low-freezing liquids, e.g. based on ethylene glycol or propylene glycol. The right selection of the liquid medium is key to planning and building a ground heat pump system. Glycol liquids guarantee a very long cost-efficient and trouble-free performance of the system.

    High performance, multi-component, inhibited glycol based heat transfer fluids designed to harness and transfer naturally occurring heat in both ground (GSHP) and air source heat pumps. Fluids are dedicated for all systems where the anti-freezing liquid is required. The product range exceeds the ASTM 1384-05 corrosion test standard providing high levels of corrosion protection:

    • ethylene glycol based fluids, blue dyed;
    • propylene glycol based fluids, low toxic, green dyed.

    Advantages of glycol based fluids

    • Protects the system against failure caused by heat exchanger freezing;
    • Optimal heat exchange conditions;
    • Specifically designed to deliver higher resistance to degradation, scale, bacterial growth and corrosion;
    • High performance, multi-component, inhibited glycol based heat transfer fluids;
    • Exceeds the ASTM 1384-05 standard;
    • Long service life;
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