Kolektorių šulinys MEDI (6-18 atšakų)

Kolektorių šulinys MEDI (6-18 atšakų)

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  • The set consists of a distribution well with built-in multi-sectional manifolds with 8-38 dm³/min (standard) rotameters and valves.

    The latest generation of geothermal distributors in the hydraulic system of ground source collector system for ground source heat pumps (GSHP). Permanently mounted in a black plastic casing of the so-called "distributor well". Place of assembly / installation: outdoors, buried in the ground. The ability to connect 6 to 18 ground heat exchangers. Material: PEHD 100 RC / PEHD 100. Supply and return sections arranged in pairs side by side. They enable connection of the heat exchanger conduits (distribution pipes) so as to prevent crossing around the manifold well.

     Distributor wells MEDI are available in two different standards:

    • With rotameters (flowmeters): rotameters (flowmeters) on supply sections, valves on return sections. Flowmeters are used for balancing the hydraulic system through flow control on each section - with the option of cutting them off (closing). Flow rates in linear flowmeters: 2-12, 8-38, 5-50 dm3 or 20-70 dm3 minute
    • With valves: valves on supply sections, valves on return sections. The solution provides the ability to cut off the flow on each section.







    6 - 18




    40 mm




    63/75/90 mm



    A) 2-12 dm³/min

    B) 8-38 dm³/min (standard)

    C) 20-70 dm³/min

    RT) 5-50 dm³/min

    Inside pipe


    140/200/250 mm




    H 1095 x Ø 800 mm




    51 - 75 kg



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