Geoterminis zondas RC 2xd40x3.0mm (50-160m)

Geoterminis zondas RC 2xd40x3.0mm (50-160m)

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  • The technological hole serves the accurate axial application of the vertical collector as well as enables grassroots injection of the backfilling material. HDPE 100 RC (High-density polyethylene PE100 resistant to crack) is characterised with high resistance against point pressure and crack propagation. The head is additionally protected against mechanical damages during application with special casing (protectors). None of the elements undergoes the corrosion. Suggested probe length based on PN 12,5 pipe is maximum 120m. Above that length one is advised to use PN 16 pipe. Optionally, the probes may be delivered with an injection pipe (enabling filling the borehole after the probe is applied into it).

    Product construction

    Geothermal Probe (vertical collector) is a part of the ground source heat pumps system. It consists of two pipes and probe head. Probe head - U-shaped probe head made from high density polyethylene HDPE PE100. Pipes – single or double U-shaped probes are placed in vertical boreholes to a depth dependent on the characteristics of the installation and the object. The pipes are made in HDPE100 RC technology (High-density polyethylene resistant to crack) characterized by a high resistance on point load crack and slow crack propagation.

    Basic HDPE100 RC features

    Corrosion resistance and limestone sedimentation. Stable installation internal diameter parameters throughout whole exploitation period, invariable Thermal conductivity properties and long life –span.

    Mechanical strength and thermal resistance while operating in negative temperatures conditions – micro cracks arisen due to impact may cause liquid leakages while exploiting the installation even after successful pressure tests.

    Application – for ground source installations for heat pumps. Transport of antifreeze liquids, cold water, ice water pressure installations and low-temperature media.

    Chemical resistance – material cannot react with any flowing medium that can negatively influence its structure, shortening the life – span. In case of transporting any other medium than water, it is necessary to check HDPE chemical resistance to given medium, see: „HDPE chemical resistance table”.

    Wear resistance – necessity to ensure long life – span of the installation requires application of materials that do not mechanically degrade in contact with the flowing medium.


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